Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cabins In Lake Tahoe

In Northern California, particularly for those of us living in the bay area, there is no more popular destination than cabins in Lake Tahoe. Every Friday, traffic up highway 101 slows almost to a stop. Every Sunday evening, traffic is blocked up for miles on the way back into San Francisco. And you can bet that at least one in every five of those cars, at least one in every five of those drowsy and impatient souls, is coming back from cabins in Lake Tahoe.

One of the reasons for the popularity of cabins in Lake Tahoe among vacationers is the combination of proximity and convenience. It is easy to get to Lake Tahoe, and the roads are good all the way, yet it is far enough outside any major population centers to feel like a full fledged outing. Families taking trips out to cabins rentals in Lake Tahoe feel like their going somewhere outside of their daily routine, and off the beaten path, and yet The whole Lake Tahoe area, particularly South Lake Tahoe, is on the beaten path enough to be accessible during an ordinary weekend.

Another thing that I have always liked about going to visit cabins in Lake Tahoe is the unparalleled beauty of the area. It is hard to believe that I am the only one! There really is no where that is more scenic than Lake Tahoe, with its waters and mountains, and yet the scenery isn't the only draw. There are more recreational activities available in the Lake Tahoe area than in almost any wilderness area, from skiing to swimming, to fishing, to hiking. And they are all located a convenient distance from each other so that, no matter what time of year it is, cabins in Lake Tahoe will always furnish an attractive destination for seasonal recreation.

Personally, although I've enjoyed cabin rentals in Lake Tahoe on more than one occasion, I mostly prefer other locations. My favorite one, at least during the summer and early fall, is Point Reyes. It is a national seashore, and one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. Best of all, except for a few spots, it is rarely even the slightest bit crowded. Best of all, there is always camping there, while cabins in Lake Tahoe tend to fill up. Although it doesn't have the same glamor, I'll take Point Reyes over Lake Tahoe any day.

Log Cabins For Sale

If you're like I was until recently, you probably are sick of the inconvenience and expense of having to rent a log cabin every time that you go on your family summer vacation. Sure, it does allow you the flexibility of changing your destination at will, but really, the expense adds up pretty quickly. I know that that is where I was coming from until recently, but I just didn't think that I could afford one of the log cabins for sale, or decide on a destination. But when I gave it more thought, I realized that buying a log cabin made much more sense then renting one, even with the inconvenience of being committed to a destination.

There are log cabins for sale at prices within your range, because you can finance them in the same way that you can finance a house. Although if you pick the most popular destinations, like the Great Lakes, or the Blue Ridge Mountains, there are many areas where the log cabins for sale are at greatly inflated prices and may have already priced you out, if you persevere, you are bound to find the perfect cabin on the market at your price range.

One of the biggest advantages of owning your own log cabin is that you aren't actually limited in where you take your vacation by it. On the contrary, once you purchase a cabin, you can use it to finance your vacation elsewhere, if you so choose. I learned this fact by talking to the previous owners of several of the log cabins for sale which we looked at when we were selecting our perfect vacation home. Our vacation only lasts for two weeks in August, but for the rest of the summer, we can rent out the log cabin to other families who want to use it to take their trip. If we decide to take our family vacation somewhere else, no problem. We simply rent the cabin out all summer.

Of course, it is hard to really look at log cabins for sale, much harder than looking at just a normal house. When you are considering log cabins for sale, you are likely to have a variety of different possible destinations in mind, and this makes it hard to visit all of the possible purchases, and make an even headed decision. Ultimately, we had to first narrow our destination down to a particular area. Only then could we actually visit all of the log cabins for sale and make an informed decision.

Log Cabin Floor Plans

Buying a house can be a hassle these days. There's the square foot issue, then the location, and of course the price. While all of these factors must pan out to your liking, the process of buying a home can be simplified. You can view a variety of floor plans via the Internet. Yes, it's true; you can see what the house of your dreams will look like before it's actually built. I personally like to browse through log cabin floor plans for my future home ideas.

There truly is much to be said about cyberspace. Once again it has come through for us. How easy is it to sit with your laptop and design your future dream home online? I do this in order to get an idea of cost and room. I want to be sure that my permanent home suits my needs and the needs of my family. It all started about a year ago. After visiting my parents last summer, my wife and I stumbled upon a log cabin. It was essentially a model home. After speaking with a consultant inside and giving the house a walk through, we were hooked. We received a booklet that contained all of the log cabin floor plans they offered. This was perfect. I had thought for sure that a contemporary log cabin wood cost a fortune. I was wrong. If you look at many log cabin floor plans, you will notice that the prices are comparable to any other home. It basically comes down to what you want. How many square feet are you looking for, how many bedrooms, and what size garage? These factors of course determine the cost of your home. However, the greatest one of all is typically location.

Have you ever hopped on the web and taken a gander at the various log cabin floor plans these days? Some will simply blow your mind. Toss out all of your preconceived notions regarding log homes, and step into the future. Anything modern you can fathom is obtainable. If you crave that rustic, yet sturdy home that gives you a nice country feel, but won't deprive you of any modern luxuries, check out log cabin floor plans and see what design best suits your family. You can even choose between round logs and square logs. Or, if you're like my wife and I, you can compromise with some log interior and some basic dry wall for painting. With the classic, yet modern log cabin floor plans at your fingertips, you can have it all.

Arkansas Cabins

When my wife started looking at Arkansas cabins as a destination for our vacation, I thought she was crazy. We are both music aficionados, forced by our jobs to toil in the relative obscurity of suburban Detroit, so when we have the time to take a vacation, we like to go to a place where we can hear music, loud and live, and in plenty. Some place like New York City, or at least St. Louis. There is Little Rock in Arkansas. Ozark mountain cabins are not exactly the center of the club scene.

But looking at all of the pictures of Arkansas cabins on the internet, it got me thinking – wouldn't you know it – of my father, and of the fishing trips he used to take me on. When I was little, we used to fish on the Ohio river. Even then, I wasn't what you would call much of an outdoorsman. While the other tykes ran around, doing boy scouts and little league, I sat inside reading. My dad, a professor at the local college, could hardly disapprove of my nascent intellectualism, but nonetheless, he thought that a boy my age should spend some time out of doors.

Without my father to force me outside, I must confess that I have somewhat lost track of what the squirrels and moose are up to since then, and I thought a vacation in one of those Arkansas cabins might be just what I needed. There were all kinds of cabins, from little mountain retreats in the Ozarks to generous, sprawling villas on the waterfront. Since it was my wife's idea, I let her choose between the Arkansas cabins, and we were off.

She's not much more decisive than I am, and by the time my wife could make up my mind, it was basically a matter of finding which of the Arkansas cabins were still open this late in the season. The one we picked was an Ozark mountain cabin, way off the beaten path, and with a breathtaking view of the whole region. Getting up there took us an extra three hours, and just to get to town to pick up some basic supplies was quite a hike. The electricity was bad, the water was cold, and the cabin was not all that well insulated, but it was worth it. My dad would be proud of me. Next time, will pick from the Arkansas cabins earlier in the year.

Prefab Log Cabins

I've lived in big cities all of my life, and I wouldn't trade that situation for anything else. However, there are definitely times when I just want to get away from it all and experience the peace and quiet that comes with spending several weeks per year on my own tract of land out in the middle of nowhere. Once I bought some land, I needed to build some kind of lodging on it. I decided to go for rustic theme, so I checked out some prefab log cabins.

Prefab log cabins are a very popular option for people who want to get the look and feel of an authentic cabin without the expense or waiting time associated with building from scratch. Provided that you purchase your prefab log cabin from a reputable company, you can expect the quality and durability to be just as good -- if not better than -- one built in a more conventional manner. In fact, at least one leading manufacturer claims that its prefab log cabins can last just as long as a traditional brick house!

When I first started looking into prefab log cabins, I knew nothing about them. So I of course had to do a lot of research. I discovered several things that helped convince me that I was making the right decision. First of all, most prefab log cabins are sold in kits. That meant any prices I saw would for these packages would contain everything I needed in order to put together my new vacation home. This included all the parts of the structure, from foundation to roof tiles, all the hardware (nails, nuts, bolts, screws, etc.) necessary for assembly, and of course step-by-step instructions to help guide me through the whole process. All I had to do was enlist a few handy friends to help me put everything together.

A second thing that I liked about the prefab log cabins I saw was the fact that I had so many different models, styles, and floor plans to choose from. I have to admit that I thought the selection would be very limited, but that simply was not the case. I had carefully looked over the designs of numerous prefab log cabins and was able to find one that perfectly suited my tastes.

A third feature of prefab log cabins that caught my attention was the surprisingly low price. Frankly, I was expecting to have to pay a lot more than I actually did. In fact, I was so impressed by the low prices I saw that I have been recommending prefab log cabins to nearly everyone I know. One of my friends, a lifelong renter with a poor credit rating, even decided to purchase a prefab log cabin as his primary residence. He enjoys being out in the country anyway, so this was the perfect way for him to finally become a bona fide homeowner.

If you're thinking about building a vacation home, or if you want an affordable way to break into the housing market, then I suggest checking out prefab log cabins. I think you'll be as pleasantly surprised at the quality, durability, and prices as I was.

Michigan Cabins

I remember when I was a kid, we used to stay in Michigan cabins up north every year. We would go to Traverse City or Charlevoix, and find a lovely cabin for rent in Michigan, right outside that area. I remember one of my favorite of the Michigan cabins that I stayed in as a youngster. It was right on the shore of lake Michigan, and had a stream flowing down right nearby, emptying into the great lake. I used to love to try to dam that stream as a child. I was pretty resourceful, and loved to build projects, and would spend hours just sitting in that warm water, playing with rocks and pieces of wood, constructing meticulous dams to halt the flow of water so that I could make a nice, mellow, warm pool to spend time in.

There were other Michigan cabins which we stayed in as well. One of the cabins in Michigan was nowhere near as nice as that one. It was actually a bit towards the western side of the northern tip of the state, and I don't know if it was the location or what, but the weather was terrible the whole time we stayed in it. Unlike other Michigan cabins my family usually rented, this one furnished practically no protection from the elements. The wind would whistle through the cracks between the logs, and would chill us to the bone as we sat there, trying to keep warm. As the storm worsened, it even began to drip through the ceiling, and we needed to put a constant series of bowls under the wet spot to stop it from soaking the floor. Most Michigan cabins are modern affairs, but that one seemed to be made of nothing but logs and bad planning.

Of course, there were the few times that we rented huge Michigan cabins with our aunts, uncles, and cousins. I remember going to one when I was ten, looking up, and seeing a fortress. This, I thought, was by far the most impressive of all Michigan cabins. It even had a widow's walk in the roof, from which you could see for miles around. I remember that summer, how much time I spent up there just watching the ships go in and out, sailing and racing around the bay, while cargo freighters slowly slipped by in the open waters a few miles out.

Smokey Mountain Cabin

There is no greater retreat on earth than a weekend spent in a Smoky Mountain cabin. This relatively affordable abode comes in a few different forms ranging from exquisitely luxurious to rustically quaint. No matter what your tastes, you are certain to find a Smoky Mountain cabin that is right for your vacation.

The first step to your own Smoky Mountain getaway is as close as your computer. I found a lot of resources that will point anyone looking for a romantic retreat like this on the Internet. There are so many options available that you can find your ideal Smoky Mountain cabin rental in little time and with little effort.

Price varies for these weekend getaways and you can find a number of very reasonable options that may tempt your to extend your stay. Many of these rentals are available for about the same as you would spend for a hotel room. A Smoky Mountain cabin rental is quite affordable in most cases but you can also opt for a high end retreat if it suits your budget.

There are some things to consider aside from your budget when looking for the ideal Smoky Mountain cabin rental for your retreat. Location is very important. Check out the different areas in the region and choose one that appeals to you. There are so many beautiful locations that you really can’t go wrong.

Some prefer the favorite Pigeon Forge while others may want to make way for Gatlinburg. These are only two of the many areas in the region that offer Smoky Mountain cabin rentals for visitors to enjoy. Once you have your location selected, it’s time for my favorite part of the journey.

Choosing which Smoky Mountain cabin you want to visit is a pure joy for me. Each unit offers all of the amenities that you could want and more than you imagine. Size is the crucial aspect of this stage of the game. There are different layouts available that can accommodate a number of different situations.

Honeymooners will prefer the cozy romantic units that are designed just for two. Families may want to opt for a two bedroom Smoky Mountain cabin unless the family is quite big. Fortunately, there are four bedroom units available for large families as well as people vacationing in groups.

If you are looking for a relaxing weekend away or an entire week of adventure mixed with solace there is no better start than a search for the right Smoky Mountain cabin.

Smoky Mountains Vacations

Affectionately known as the Smokies, this mountain range stretches between Tennessee and North Carolina. The Smoky Mountains form the southern part of the Appalachian Mountains and the National Park that was founded in the 1930s is the most frequented in America. It is an ancestral home to the Cherokee people. The highest peak is the 6,642 foot Clingmans Dome, also the highest point in Tennessee, and it's possible to follow a trail to the summit.

The scenery is magnificent with ample opportunity to see wildlife. The area is known for its wide range of animals, flora and fauna. There is a reported 100,000 different species within its boundaries. Wildflowers are abundant on the slopes and on the valley floors, including varieties of orchid and there are two types of rhododendron. The seasons are marked by heavy rainfall; a lot of winter snow and some mountains are shrouded in frozen fog in the fall.

Unfortunately, pollution in the atmosphere is having an impact on the Smoky Mountains and the effects have been seen with the oak and red spruce trees. Smog very often affects the visibility available in the region. There are numerous rivers and streams and flooding has hit the area. Landslides have also occurred after Hurricane Frances swept through in 2004, and then Hurricane Ivan made an impact too.

Tourism is important to the area, and is popular with white water rafters in the summer and skiers in the winter. Tourists like to go to Cherokeehttp://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/00/Smoky-mountain-hiking-club-cabin.jpg/75px-Smoky-mountain-hiking-club-cabin.jpg, North Carolina where Cherokee Native Americans pose for photographs in traditional dress and sit in tipis. There are shops that sell Native American crafts and costumes. Gatlinburg city in Tennessee has a ski resort nearby and it hosts the Smoky Mountains Jubilee, a celebration of local music, comic acts and folklore such as mountain clogging.

The biggest tourist attraction of all is probably the Dollywood Theme Park, situated at Pigeon Forge in Tennessee. Owned by country music legend Dolly Parton, it contains rides that include four roller coasters. There is also a water park that has four water rides. The local music and crafts of the Smoky Mountains are celebrated and it's the location for the Southern Gospel Museum and Hall of Fame. This is a tribute to the many gospel singers and there is a collection of memorabilia. The park puts on dinner shows and concerts by Dolly and other acts. This area is also famous for its many car and truck events.

Wood Cabins

Wood cabins are a popular part of history, and still exist to this day anywhere from the mountains to campsites and in between. First introduced in the 1700’s by Swedish settlers, wood cabins (also known as log cabins) usually contained only one room; were built without the use of nails; was incredibly small (usually no bigger than ten feet across) and typically included a loft area, used for sleeping.

Back then, wood cabins rarely had any windows, but if a window was created, pioneers would use animals’ skins or specially cut boards to cover them. Fireplaces were also a central part of the wood cabins, and would generally burn all day, keeping the family warm.

Flooring was pretty much non-existent, so most of the floors were just bare earth. If a family was lucky, logs were used to create the basis for a floor. Wood cabins were very rustic, and contained little or no “modern” amenities. They were sturdy and did provide a good and comfortable home during that period of history.

Nowadays, many wood cabins come equipped with everything from dishwashers to stoves to wireless internet capabilities. Of course, frontier men and women weren’t so lucky. They generally built their cabins from the ground up, and they were obviously not equipped with indoor plumbing or electricity.

The wood cabins stood to represent a time in history where life was filled with hardships and turmoil, and virtually symbolized pioneer life. It seemed that wood cabins would have died out all together had it not been for the Great Depression.

Decades ago, log cabins were built all over national parks and forests. Because of this, and because many people liked these simple houses, wood cabins are still popular today. Granted, most wood cabins now have more modern-day amenities, such as indoor plumbing and other conveniences. They do have many benefits, including solid protection from the elements and the idea of a simple life, where the individual or family depends solely on themselves to get by.

These days, you can find wood cabins to rent practically any campsite you go to. It lends a pioneer air to your adventure, and a sense of nostalgia for days gone by. While the early settlers created these cabins out of necessity, these days almost anyone can be found living or staying in one.

Kits are even available to build your own log cabin, if you so desired. Many home improvement stores offer the kits and also installation if so desired.

Whatever the reason, wood cabins are popular and are here to stay. They can make a comfortable, rustic home that will be used for generations to come.

Small Log Cabins

There’s nothing like relaxing in a house made out of Tennessee Cedar Milled logs to get you reconnected with nature. Many rural-loving folks love staying in small log cabins of different proportions whether for vacation homes, permanent residences or even keeping for storage units. There is a rustic nature about them that is very appealing.

Some “small log cabins” can be spacious enough to live in. Some log cabins are capable of having have whirlpool tubs, skylights and many suburban niceties.

Originally small log cabins were designed exclusively as permanent homes. In the 1800’s small log cabins fulfilled the basic necessities of a home, and one could be built in a few days using very basic tools. These early small log cabins were simple yet sturdy and very inexpensive to make. They stood the test of time and survived all that nature subjected them to.

Today, while construction has become more sophisticated, lodging in such a quaint place is still fun and is the perfect vacation for people who want to get away from city life. Small log cabins can be bought through realtors and can provide suitable residences, complete with a few rooms and amenities.

How much does it cost to buy a small log cabin? Prices can be steep; small log cabins can amount to the same price as some small suburban homes, or even greater, depending on the quality.

In America the frontier spirit lives on. Some ambitious residents have bought their own land and built their own small log cabins for a splinter of the cost of a new one. Buying just necessary materials and having a good blueprint could lead you to the small log cabin of your rural dreams, for just a few thousand dollars.

Smaller log cabins don’t have to be “storage cabins” exactly. Even some smaller log cabins can be livable and useable as a second home.

Some small log cabins can be sold for less and are directly assembled by the buyer. Do-it-yourself log cabin kits, with supplies and instructions, are very reasonably priced. Companies have online purchase set up and the do-it-yourself kits can be shipped to you.

Other small log cabins, modular log cabins, can be fully assembled before delivery so that the same day you see it arriving on a flatbed trailer, you can start filling it with personal items.

Small log cabins have come a long way since the 1800’s and to live in one today is no less of an adventure and joy. And fortunately, now it’s a lot easier get started.

Rent Cabins

Where do you venture off to for a weekend away from all the daily hassles? Maybe you head down to the nearest coast for a relaxing weekend in the sun. This is basically always a sure-win. It's hard to compete with those crashing waves and calming rays. While I myself enjoy a stress-less stroll down the beach, I also enjoy a nice bout with Mother Nature just as well. This is why I head for the hills whenever I get the chance. When I say the hills, I'm talking about those gorgeous mountains. Regardless if you prefer the Smokey's or the Rockies, a fun retreat to the serenity of the woods is certainly in store. You don't even have to worry about pitching a tent. These days you can rent cabins and enjoy a home away form home.

The great thing about the outdoors now days are the choices at hand. You simply have more of them. Maybe you don't like roughing it up in the wild with the bugs and snakes. Don't fret; I can understand this. Did you know that you can rent cabins and enjoy a more comfortable stay? It's true; so many areas pose the option to rent cabins. You can get one for the entire summer for a reasonable price. A few years back, my wife and I thought it would be great to cruise on up through the Smokey Mountains with the kids. I had found out that one could rent cabins and enjoy a rustic visit. We ended up staying in this perfect outdoor lodging for two whole weeks. Those peaceful mountains can grow on you if you're not careful. I personally thought the cabin was like a home away from home. It was a comfortable and sufficient lodging with all the right amenities. My youngest daughter especially enjoyed this getaway. She simply loves the woods, and the outdoors.

Are you looking to rent cabins for a summer getaway, or maybe a family reunion? This is the perfect way to meet up with other family members for a week of fun and relaxation. Get away from the urban scene for a while. Why stay in a hotel when you can rent cabins in the mountains? If you're curious about prices and availability, it's convenient to hop online and get the low-down. There are a number of places and cabins to choose from. So get away from it all this summer, and rent a cabin up in the mountains. This is a great way to bond with your loved ones.

Mountain Cabins For Rent

Recently, we made some plans for our upcoming vacation. We were tired of the usual city trips that we take every year, so we looked at mountain cabins for rent. We finally settled on a cabin in the smoky mountains, and headed out their on the 4th of April. Boy, were we in for a treat.

The reason that, of the all the mountain cabins for rent we chose that one had a lot to do with the picture. There were bigger, more imposing mountain cabins for rent, more luxurious destinations, but something about this particular cabin really captured the imagination. It looked like a hunting lodge settled under imposing, gigantic virgin pine forest. In the background there was just the tiniest sparkle from the pond behind it, glistening with light filtering through the tree.

When we got there, we were more than pleased with our choice of mountain cabins for rent. The “pond” was huge. It was really more of a lake. The only thing that made it at all pond like was the stillness of the water and the presence of lily pads and swamp grass on one side. Although there were other mountain cabins for rent by the same company around the area, only one of them was in view, and that one was better than half a mile away, on the other side of the pond. It was possible to sit outside and feel like you were completely alone, far away from all of the toils of civilization.

The best thing about mountain cabins for rent is, if the companies renting them are modern enough to advertise them on the internet, the cabins themselves are likely to contain all of the modern amenities. If you want, you can even find mountain cabins for rent with satellite tv int the middle of the Smokies! Personally, I think that this is pointless, and our cabin didn't even have television, as it would have disturbed the wonderful solitude of our surroundings, but it did have good insulation and adequate heating and cooling, as well as wonderfully warm showers which increased the relaxation of our vacation.

All in all, mountain cabins for rent are a great idea to consider for your next trip. There is no place with fresher air, or quieter nights, no better place to get away from it all than a quiet mountain cabin. I can't wait for next year.

New York Camping

The state of New York has many state parks, preservation areas and scenic highpoints. The best way to see the countryside and observe the wildlife is to get up close and personal. New York camping offers a wealth of possibilities from the humble tent to fully equipped hunting lodges. It is a testament to the bodies governing New York State that so much land has been preserved for the enjoyment of people and the conservation of the flora and fauna.

Allegany State Park covers 60,000 acres, containing forest, sand beaches and picnic areas. It is particularly beautiful in the fall when the leaves turn. The park offers trails for hiking, bicycles, mountain bikes, snowmobiles and cross country skiing. Visitors come to fish, hunt, and go horseback riding and canoeing. Accommodation is available in cabins and cottages.

Harriman State Park contains Beaver Pond Campgrounds. This New York camping site allows tents, trailers and larger vehicles. The amenities include shower units, a laundry, picnic areas and boat launching sites. The site is close to beaches and the Stony Point Battlefield State historic site.

Bowman Lake State Park is in a lovely shaded area of hardwood and evergreen trees. There is a sandy lakefront and this is the New York camping ground to come for trout fishing as the lake is well stocked. Swimming is also allowed and there are nature trails and picnic facilities. It's also a favorite destination for birdwatchers. It's open in winter and activities include snowmobiling and cross country skiing.

Buttermilk Falls State Park is worth a visit just to see the cascade running through Buttermilk Creek. The terrain includes a small lake, a hiking trail through woodlands and a nature trail through wetlands known as Larch Meadows. Guides take visitors on a tour through the Buttermilk Gorge. Camping facilities are for tents and trailers and there are cabins too. The park is close to the Allan H.Treman State Marine Park.

The largest state park in the USA is in New York State. Adirondack Park is made up of a mixture of private land, state owned land and official wilderness. There are no marked boundaries to the land, containing hiking trails, rivers and lakes and the highest peaks in the state. New York camping here could bring an encounter with animals and birds that the authorities are trying to re-introduce to the area. These include the American Beaver, the American Martin, Canadian Lynx and osprey.